Ceramic Fiber HP Blanket
HP Blanket

HP blankets are made from high purity spun bulk wool, have the excellent chemical stability. They offer superior thermal insulation and refractory performance as well as acoustic characteristics. HP Blankets are unaffected by the most chemicals except hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids and strong alkalines. They have excellent strength and mechanic properties before and after heating. Thermal and physical properties are retained after drying from oil, steam and water. 
Excellent insulating performance 
High tensile strength 
Excellent thermal stability 
Low heat storage 
Excellent thermal shock resistance 
Low thermal conductivity 
Good sound absorption
Typical Applications
Furnace and kiln refractory lining 
Boiler, pipe and duct insulation
Furnace door seals
Heat treatment controls
Fireproof for the construction and industries
Thermal insulation for nuclear power plant
Soaking pit covers and seals.


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