HPPE/HMPE/Dyneema/Spectra/Novabraid thread
The Strongest & Ultrafine Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Yarn (or call UHMWPE Fiber) is a continuous and bright white polyethylene multi-filament yarn. It's light than water and the tenacity is more than 10 times stronger than high quality steel and around 40 percent greater than aramid fiber. The modulus is very high and the elongation at break is very low. And its typical applied in braiding ultra fine & strongest fishing lines, coat or knit EN388 level 5 cut resistant gloves with glass fiber, braid strongest marine ropes, cordages, commercial fishing nets and also typical applied in protective clothing, bullet proof material of body armor of police or military forces. 
UHMW/UHMWPE/HPPE/HMPE/Dyneema/Spectra/Novabraid filament yarn or thread 




Main Applications:

1)Bulletproof ArmorBody armor, bomb suppression blanket, ballistic helmet, ballistic plate, etc.

2)Oceaneering: Drilling platform, anchor cable, towrope, mooring rope, terminal hoisting rope, etc.

3)Industrial Applications: Cut-resistant gloves, hoisting rope, wind power cable, etc.

4)Aerospace engineering: Aircraft wing tip component, spacecraft component, buoy of aircraft, aviation cage, spacecraft component, etc.

5)Marine Fisheries: Commercial fishing net, marine aquaculture net, salvage rope, towing rope, sailing rope, etc.

6)Outdoor Sports: Climbing rope, parachute rope, sailing rope, kite line, fishing line, helmet, sail round plate, ultra-low-weight aircraft parts, etc.

7)Biological material: Denture base material, graft and plastic sutures, etc.

8)Industrial Fields: Pressure container, conveyor belt, filtration material, automobile cushion plate, etc.

9)Construction: Wall, diaphragm structure, reinforced cement composite material, etc.


Typical Technical Properties:

  1) After 1500 Sunshine hours, its remaining strength is more than 80%.

  2) After 6 months in most chemicals (sea water, gas, etc), its remaining strength is 100%.

  3) The UHMWPE ropes remaining strength is 100% after 1000 times loaded rotative test.

  4) Its rotative times until break of Abrasion proof are more than 110 by 103.

  5) Its rotative times until break of Winding proof are more than 240 by 103.

  6) Its strength of annelation is 12 up to 18g/d. its 10 up to 15g/d for collusion.

  7) Melting Point is around 135 145, Highly resistant to abrasion, cutting, tearing

  8) Color is bright white and poor for dyeing.


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